Business Academy

At Drake Business Services Asia - Philippines, our people are our greatest asset.

Continuous growth is part of Drake Business Services Asia - Philippines guiding principles. We keep up with ever-changing demands by continuously improving and introducing new services. As we lead companies through digital transformation, we want to make sure our people are not left behind.

Our career development program—the Business Academy—provides our people with equal opportunities for professional growth while building new skill sets that will prepare them for shifting economic and business needs.

The majority of our workforce are considered nominal wage earners, with some having limited or interrupted formal education. Our training programs are designed to address the gaps while helping them discover capabilities and skill sets to help them advance their careers and improve their way of life.

Training categories

The Business Academy aims to reinforce the company’s values and culture through three learning categories designed for competency building based on job roles and scope of work.

 Staff-level training is a fundamental program focused on compliance with company policies and standard operating procedure and aims to develop customer care and service quality. Modules include communication in the workplace, occupational safety and health, and data privacy and information security.

Core leads training is targeted toward team leaders and aims to sharpen skills toward effective customer communication, workforce planning and management, and reporting and conflict resolution.

 Account officer training is designed for individuals handling accounts and covers leadership and innovation, strategic decision-making, mentoring and coaching toward employee performance, client management, supervision and teamwork.

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