Delivering Digital Transformation

for Fresenius Medical Care


Drake Business Services Asia Philippines delivered an on-site scanning solution to digitize over 267,176 pages of information for our client at the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

What We Delivered for Fresenius Medical Care

Bringing our Client into the Digital Age

Our dedicated team successfully digitized over 267,176 pages of documentation.

Fully-Managed, On-Site Solution

We deployed teams throughout the national Fresenius Medical Care network of clinics.

Outcomes Ahead of Schedule

We exceeded all client expectations, concluding the project in just over three months. 


Fresenius Medical Care, a global leader in their field, specializes in providing comprehensive products and services to individuals suffering from renal diseases.

Headquartered in Germany, Fresenius operates an extensive network of more than 4,000 dialysis clinics, catering to over 150 countries across the globe. Its commitment to patient care is exemplified by the establishment of 24 dialysis centers in Metro Manila, Davao, and North Luzon, serving over 300,000 patients since its inception.

To maintain compliance with government directives, Fresenius Medical Care needed a partner to assist with a substantial digitization project of client medical records.

The Challenge

Fresenius partnered with DBSA to tackle the task of digitizing three years of financial and medical records within a tight deadline dictated by an impending audit.

The sheer volume of records from the three-year period presented a significant undertaking, compounded by the need to ensure each record was easily searchable and retrievable. Further complicating the project was the diverse locations of the clinics. A centralized scanning approach was unfeasible due to the clinics' dispersed geographical distribution throughout the country.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic added an extra layer of complexity. Not only was there insufficient space available at the Fresenius clinics for scanning operations, but with quarantine measures in place in the Philippines, mobility was severely limited.

Our Solution

DBSA diligently reviewed the challenge at hand to devise a solution which balanced speed of delivery with no compromise to outcome quality.

DBSA conducted a series of on-site visits and extensively interviewed the client stakeholders to refine a plan that not only addressed the requirements but also ensured adherence to the specified deadline.

As the nature of the client's network of locations necessitated an on-site presence, DBSA coordinated delivery of the project across these locations whilst maintaining compliance with COVID health measures and providing additional on-site scanning equipment where needed to meet the impending deadline.

The Result

DBSA successfully accomplished the digitization program within a remarkable timeframe of 3.5 months, meeting the client's deadline and successfully completing all project outcomes.

At the conclusion of the project, our dedicated team had diligently scanned a total of 267,176 pages, generating 129,936 PDF documents.

The head office staff and third-party consultants were able to conduct their audit as scheduled, thanks to the timely completion of the project by the DBSA team. All files were securely backed up and stored in the cloud, ensuring ease of searchability and accessibility for Fresenius Kidney Care while complying with regulatory requirements.

Despite the demanding timeline, our client expressed praise for the DBSA team, highlighting their accommodating nature and approachability.