Meet the Team

Dr Krees Castaneda

Country Director – Drake Business Services Asia, Philippines 

Dr. Krees Castaneda is a transformational leader who has grown successful companies in the last two decades. She comes with a wealth of experience in talent acquisition, business process outsourcing, consulting, and strategic management across a wide range of industries across the globe, including healthcare, oil and gas, construction, telecommunication, logistics, banking and finance, and shared services.

With her experience in talent acquisition and logistics, Krees has shifted across various industries, learning the ropes from the ground up and showing that one can lead a company to success through a strong business sense, a deep understanding of the business, and a winning team as partner and co-creator of the future of the business.
Krees’s background in logistics stems from her years of experience with DHL, where she championed the role in quality management. She was responsible for standardizing hub and gateway operations processes and setting up the quality management system in the Asia Pacific and Middle East operations, enabling DHL to be the first company to achieve a harmonized quality system under one ISO 9002 certification.

With Krees's leadership, ASC Global Recruitment became the no. 1 recruitment company deploying nurses and allied health professionals to the UK. Similarly, with her at the helm, Drake International Philippines became a major player in the commercial recruitment industry, serving clients in AP, EMEA, and North America.

Within three years of running Drake Businesses Services Asia (logistics and managed services), she turned the company into a powerhouse in the digital document management space, leading enterprises and multinational companies through their innovation journey.

Krees has a Doctorate degree in business administration specializing in labor migration and predictors of brain drain and how to manage this phenomenon. She aims to promote human capital formation and equitable growth in both sending and receiving countries.

Krees is an alumna of Emmanuel College-University of Cambridge, Harvard Business School and Paris School of Business.