Mailroom Supervisor

Date Posted: 03/15/2023

Country: Philippines



Work Type: Permanent

Job Descriptions 

We are looking for a Mailroom Supervisor for our client, who will supervise, and monitor of all employees assigned in the mailroom. Communicates company goals, deadlines to team, and safety practices. Motivates team members and assesses performance. Provides help to management and keeps management updated on team performance. Communicates concerns and policies among management and team members.    


  • Monitoring of activities and performance of all mailroom staff and messengers and ensure that contracted service levels are attained in the mailroom at all the time.
  • Conduct operations meeting with the staff. 
  • Dispatch messengers for delivery pick-up.
  • Conduct investigation on reported incidents and violations.
  • Consolidate incident reports from employees and submit validated report to Account Manager.
  • Recommend disciplinary action for any violation committed against company policies and mailroom procedures.
  • Identify critical and non-critical roles implement cross-training.
  • Implement DBSA attendance policy strictly monitor staff attendance and coordinate with
  • Account Manager for reliever deployment contact pool of relievers if needed. 


  • Bachelor’s Degree in any field, preferably a Degree in Supply Chain Management at least 2 years' work experience in Courier or Mailroom Operations.
  • Verbal and Oral Communication Skills: Should be able to communicate effectively with colleagues, clients and the management to avoid errors in providing information.
  • Organizational Skills: Able to arrange work schedule and mailroom activities in such a way that will promote job efficiency.
  • Computer Savvy: Have good experience with using MS Offices and Mailroom Applications.  
  • Strong analytical and planning skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure: Should be able to handle the pressure that comes with the job. Ability to plan and manage work under time constraints. 

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