Integrated Office Services

What are Integrated Office Services?

Integrated Offices Services spans a range of outsourced business support functions, including mailroom management, front-of-house and concierge, facilities management and print room management.

Essentially, Integrated Office Services providers take on management of functions that aren’t your core business, but are critical in supporting day-to-day operations.

As with other BPO arrangements, Integrated Office Services can be scaled across a spectrum of delivery models – ranging from basic outsourcing of personnel through to complete prime vendor management in which the provider takes on complete accountability of the function.


Why Engage an Integrated Office Services Provider?

In an increasingly competitive business environment, focusing on what keeps you your organization competitive and outsourcing the rest to specialist vendors is essential. Integrated Office Services offers a performance edge through shifting your focus to revenue generating activity whilst reducing costs and improving service outcomes by having non-core functions managed by a proven industry expert.

The benefits are numerous, with both tangible and intangible outcomes for your business. Integrated Offices Services firms such as Drake Business Services Asia Philippines work for you by providing a high-quality visitor experience, enhanced mailroom performance and cost efficiency, complete management of your ancillary office spend and administration of external vendors – among other services.

Other key benefits include improved security and compliance through more robust, structured processes, review of standard operating procedures to bring these in line with market best practice and detailed management reporting to provide your business with meaningful performance insight.

Finally, the provider takes care of all recruitment, human resource management, payroll and performance management requirements, freeing your HR team to focus on sourcing talent for high priority roles.


How Drake Business Services Asia Philippines Can Assist Your Business

As the regional market leader in Integrated Office Services for over a decade, Drake Business Services Asia Philippines are peerless in our knowledge of how best to drive efficiency in the corporate reception, mailroom and facilities management function of your business.

Drawing on a decade of experience, we understand how best to review your existing function, identify potential cost and performance improvements and deliver an enhanced service that empowers your business to excel.

We understand how to consolidate these various support functions into a single integrated service centre for your business, providing your workforce access to mail, courier, helpdesk and facilities services under a unified banner.

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