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Asset Management Services

Achieve a new level of asset management compliance and control.

Expert inventory management, equipment dispatch, and asset retrieval services. Redefine your inventory controls and reduce asset theft by former employees.

With hybrid work here to stay, we understand the challenges of maintaining visibility over your high value assets as they move in, out of, and within your business.

Tailored to your needs, Drake Business Services Asia Philippines offers three standalone asset management services, any of which can be combined into an integrated solution – inventory management, asset transport, and asset retrieval.

Our inventory management service ensures all assets have the appropriate permits and asset tags, and are securely stored to prevent unauthorised access and inventory control.

Our asset transport service securely equips your remote workforce with the assets they need. We offer in-house motorized messengers backed by our market leading track and trace technology to verify messenger movement and proof of delivery.

Finally, our asset retrieval service reduces asset theft for your organization by pursuing collection of high-value assets from former employees unwilling to return their equipment.


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Inventory Management

Asset Transport

Asset Retrieval

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Inventory Infrastructure

PEZA Compliance

How We Work For You


Reduced Asset Theft

Eliminate the costs and security concerns arising from theft of your high value IT assets.


Technology Integration

Electronic proof of delivery of all asset movements between your inventory and remote workers.


Optimal Inventory Management

Deliver best in class infrastructure, management practices, and security protocols.


Empower Your Remote Workforce

Ensure your remote workers are equipped with the assets they need to perform at their best.


Reduced Asset Transport Costs

More efficient management of your asset movements assures you of a more secure, lower-cost transport service.


Maintain PEZA Compliance

Ensure your organization remains compliant with all PEZA and related requirements.

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