Supporting BDO's Regulatory Compliance


Drake Business Services Asia Philippines successfully processed over 26,000 boxes of customer records, well ahead of schedule as part of BDO’s largest-ever digitization project.

What We Delivered for BDO


Risk Management Focus

With sensitive customer records at stake, DBSA delivered a minimal-risk service to BDO.


High Quality Team

As an existing partner to BDO, DBSA was able to quickly assemble a high caliber team.


Project Timelines

DBSA achieved all project outcomes for BDO well ahead of the legislative deadline.


DBSA has enjoyed a longstanding partnership with BDO, managing over one hundred mailroom operators and deploying our market-leading Digital Hub mailroom automation platform to digitize manual transactions.

To bring banks in the Philippines in line with global record management standards, the Federal Anti-Money Laundering Council adopted a new set of guidelines, mandating digitization of all customer records by November 2022.

Due to the need to handle confidential customer records, compliance and data privacy were critical. BDO had to be fully confident that their chosen vendor would not compromise information security.

The Challenge

With the deadline quickly approaching, BDO were faced with the momentous task of digitizing twenty years’ of client records.

Following engagement sessions to develop a tailored solution, DBSA swiftly assembled and trained a project team of over fifty newly-hired individuals.

With compliance at the forefront, tailored training materials were developed, such as a training simulation to ensure each employee was familiar with their tasks prior to commencement.

Our project team delivered logistics support, collecting customer records from archiving facilities, transporting them to the scanning locations, and returning the records after the scanning process had concluded.

Our Solution

Our team provided end-to-end custodianship of each box of records to ensure each was processed correctly and that no omissions occurred.

This custodianship process included receipt and record of incoming boxes, database and inventory management, endorsement to the scanning team, and dispatch management back to the archival facilities.

Leveraging our existing knowledge and expertise, DBSA temporarily reassigned personnel from our BDO mailroom team to fulfil critical roles such as transportation controller and central site receiver. To further reduce our client’s risk profile, DBSA cross-trained our team across multiple roles to allow for swift re-allocation of staff as needed to meet resource requirements.

The Result

To monitor the project’s progress, DBSA conducted a process-mapping activity where we identified gaps and proposed process improvements. An audit report was presented and discussed with the BDO management team for further action.

In total, our team successfully handled over 26,000 boxes of records throughout the course of the project without incident.

As a result of our partnership, BDO were able to achieve their objectives well ahead of the November deadline, ensuring they remained compliant with the new legislative requirements.