Delivering a Digital Transformation for IBM's Mailroom


We took on the challenge of rebuilding IBM’s mailroom function from the ground-up, implementing new processes, workforce management practices, and track and trace technology.

What We Delivered for IBM


Digital Transformation

We implemented our market-leading track-and-trace solution for complete accountability.


Process Reconfiguration

We overhauled all existing processes to reduce the error rate and resolve backlog issues.


Attitude Shift

In-depth training refocused our team to achieve a productivity-focused mindset.


IBM is multinational technology company which produces and markets software, hardware, and middleware, alongside business consulting services.

IBM sought a vendor to deliver a technologically-enhanced, streamlined mailroom which delivered reduced costs and improved service performance.

Drake Business Services Asia Philippines were engaged through IBM’s facilities management partner (JLL) to scope and deliver a service which delivered value for money, technological innovation, and process efficiency.

The Challenge

IBM’s fast-paced mailroom manages a significant volume of confidential, high-value consignments critical to supporting their extensive client base.

Working with largely manual systems, IBM’s existing mailroom team were struggling to cope with their daily workload, leading to improper sorting, misplaced items, and service delays.

We put forward a presentation on our methodology, value proposition, and most importantly – our technology solution to address IBM’s challenges.

On seeing the potential impact of incorporating our service approach and technology into their mailroom operations, IBM awarded our team the contract.

Our Solution

Our team worked closely with IBM and their facility management partner to realign processes, workforce performance standards, our account management practices, and bottlenecks in IBM’s operations.

Through a collaborative approach, we realigned performance expectations, minimized loss of documents, delivered a revised workforce training program and fostered a culture of continuous improvement.

The Result

Drake Business Services Asia Philippines transformed IBM’s mailroom from a manual, error-prone cost centre to a productive, technologically-enhanced document logistics hub.

We introduced streamlined processes and shifted the mindset of our team to achieve a new level of performance and accountability.

Today, the team consistently achieves a 0% error rate, and has all but eliminated the backlog issues which previously disrupted operations.