Empowering Accenture's

Workforce Throughout the Pandemic


Enabling the transition of Accenture’s workforce to working from home arrangements through efficient, reliable logistics management of their extensive IT inventory.

What We Delivered for Accenture


Enabling the New Normal

We transported over 37,000 IT assets to and from Accenture employees working from home.


Pandemic-Ready Processes

Facing an unprecedented challenge, we built a customized solution from the ground up.


A High-Performance Team

We quickly assembled, trained and equipped a reliable team our client could depend on.


Accenture is the world’s largest consulting and IT solutions firm, generating over USD $60M in annual revenue.

In early 2020, Accenture launched a COVID-19 response strategy which saw new and existing employees transition to work from home arrangements.

Accenture needed a partner to handle the substantial task of supplying new starters with laptops and peripherals, and collecting equipment from exiting employees.

The Challenge

To support Accenture in this unprecedented challenge, Drake Business Services Asia Philippines needed to quickly mobilize, train, and onboard over sixty team members across a range of operational and leadership roles.

Due to the critical nature of the assets, we were transporting strict operational guidelines needed to be put in place to ensure a comprehensive audit trail for each item in Accenture’s inventory.

This necessitated a structured approach which balanced workforce productivity with compliance – ensuring tickets were triaged and managed efficiently and without error.

Our Solution

With Accenture’s critical IT assets at stake, maintaining a high level of accuracy and accountability was crucial. We assembled a team of over fifty messengers, using vehicles to facilitate the safe transit of fragile laptops and computer peripherals.

Multi-check processes were established throughout the inbound and outbound process flow, ensuring precise inventory management and reducing the likelihood of misplaced items.

Logistics coordination was handled through integrating our clients warehouse inventory management system with our own operations, providing real-time tracking and delivery confirmation of each consignment.

The Result

Our team revolutionized the Storekeeping & Asset Movement Operations function of Accenture, continuously enhancing our service to deliver a new level of confidence in the service.

Working closely with Accenture, we established an empowered team equipped with the tools, skills, and structure processes necessary to exceed the client’s requirements.

This culture of continuous improvement allowed Drake Business Services Asia Philippines to exceed the KPI measure for ticket handling, with 100% of tickets addressed and closed within the allotted time.