Delivering a Future-Ready

Mailroom for HSBC


Transforming HSBC’s mailroom function into a cohesive, high- performing unit whilst concurrently delivering substantial cost reductions and technology-driven efficiency.

What We Delivered for HSBC

Real-Time Transport Visibility

Our in-house Digital Hub platform provides real-time tracking of every individual consignment.

Responsive Digital Workflows

We replaced cumbersome manual procedures with efficient digital workflows.

A Streamlined Workforce

We achieved a 37% reduction in workforce costs without compromising productivity.

A Decade of Partnership

HSBC Holdings is a UK-based multinational universal bank operating in 64 countries and serving 40 million customers.

DBSA has enjoyed a successful, decade-long partnership with HSBC, launching a technology and process re-engineering project to achieve significant cost reductions across numerous spend categories and implementation of mailroom technology to drive mailroom performance and accuracy.

Drake Business Services Asia engaged with HSBC to achieve similar results for their Philippines operations, transforming their mailroom operations whilst achieving substantial workforce cost reductions.

The Challenge

Having taken over operations from the incumbent vendor, it was apparent that significant cost reductions and service improvements were readily achievable.

An initial review by our management team noted the following challenges:

• Workforce Utilization: Except during peak periods, available resources often far exceeded requirement.
• Internal Collaboration: Employees were not shared efficiently across business units.
• Processes & Procedures: Existing processes were inefficient and paper-based.
• Document Tracking: No system was in place to manage route efficiency and document audit trails.

Our Solution

Having identified these shortfalls, Drake Business Services Asia Philippines immediately set upon an action plan detailing required stakeholders, project timelines, and associated costs.

With excessive workforce costs the most pressing issue, reducing overstaffing and improving utilization were our first priorities. A review of historical workforce data saw development of a shared workforce pool which more efficiently balanced workforce with workload.

Having established a lean, effective workforce, we set about digitizing inefficient processes – reducing administration and manual keying errors.

Finally, we designed and delivered a real-time messenger tracking service through Digital Hub, providing HSBC visibility of their messenger workforce and allowing more efficient, geofenced routes to be developed.

The Result

Following implementation of the aforementioned initiatives, Drake Business Services Asia Philippines has achieved significant improvements across all key performance indicators.

Significantly, our team has achieved a 37% reduction in workforce size whilst improving service metrics – re-deploying redundant employees to alternative client sites.

Most importantly, HSBC’s courier workforce now operates as a single cohesive unit – supported by systems which allow both real-time monitoring of workforce activity and efficient deployment of couriers to active jobs.

Finally, our team achieved significant, sustainable cost savings through better workforce utilization, more efficient delivery routes, and a renewed focus on performance management.